About Us.


The BigMoney.VIP website gives you the opportunity to reach the financial peaks in your life. On our site you can change your life radically and increase your financial condition by tens, hundreds and thousands of times. We try to do everything to the maximum so that you can improve your financial condition to the maximum in your life.


On our site you can earn:

  1. Participate in an affiliate program. You can read more in the Affiliate Program section. Having started working in this program, you will no longer have to work, finances will come to you, more and more every month. The best and stable earnings on our site.


  1. You can communicate with other users of our site by texting, audio and video chat. Get advice and guidance from them. You can also give advice and advice to others, for the most valuable receive payment from those to whom you give advice.


  1. View online video courses. Also, have the ability to conduct online video courses, receive payments from other users for the most valuable courses.


  1. You can independently place advertising on our site, which will be seen by all users and other site visitors. For this, receive a flow of visitors and customers to your site or services offered.


  1. Have your own wallet to which other users can transfer payments within the site.


  1. You can read articles that give tips and advice from experts.


  1. You can keep your own blogs where you will share all your knowledge, news and tips, etc.


  1. On our Marketplace, you can buy goods and services. You can also sell your products and services to earn money.


  1. You can open your own fund for any legal purpose. Everyone can replenish your fund with their money.


  1. In the offers section, you can find offers suitable for you on which you can earn. If you need employees or partners, you can find them on our website by submitting your offers. Also, many other offers on which it will be possible to earn.


  1. On the forum you can receive and give various tips on making money and growing a business.


  1. In the Works section. You can submit your resume or find a suitable job for you. You can also find employees for yourself and post job vacancies and recruit employees, employees and partners for your business.


  1. You can watch educational videos, as well as put your own videos with your advice, consultations, and / or advertising.


  1. You can create gifts of cash prizes and give them to the best and others participating in your project. You can also receive cash prizes from others by participating in their projects.


  1. There are many other ways to make money on our site, both active and passive. Much information is located in the closed sections of the site, available only to registered and paid users.


  1. On our site you can also make money transfers to your employees, employees, relatives who are also registered on our site. Including you can make transfers to and from Russia.


  1. On our site you can communicate with people who have reached financial heights and continue to do so. You can receive advice and complete training from other users who have reached financial heights. Most importantly, on our site you can have a constant excellent income, which will increase over time. You can do all this regardless of your financial situation at the moment. If you are active, you can achieve maximum financial income in a short period. If you are passive and do not like to work, you can also achieve the highest possible financial income, there are schemes where others will work for you, earning themselves the maximum and earning you the same.


From whom you can get advice, advice and help on our website.

Specialists. That is, people who give advice as part of their professional education. It can be: builders, doctors, psychologists, accountants, lawyers, programmers, etc. As a rule, such consultations are most in demand.


Artisans. People who do not have special education, but have certain skills and achievements acquired in practice. Most often, such consultations are given by decoupage masters, polymer clay modeling, scrapbooking, etc.


Practices. These are people who have achieved certain results in some activities that have qualitatively changed their lives. A striking example of such consultants are women who have lost a lot of weight, recorded this fact with the help of photos and videos, and then made it public. As a rule, they do not have a specialized education in the field of sports or nutrition, but their personal experience seems to be so valuable to potential clients.


On our site you can also find many specialists with whom you can organize a joint business, hire yourself, or get a job with someone. You can find friends for communication, friendship, meetings, and / or creating a family. Our website includes all online communication services. What's more is that you can get free courses and/or classes. The specialist informs everyone about this in advance.


The site employees themselves do not provide any consulting services. All specialists are independent of us. They offer their services from themselves or any organizations. The site only gives you the opportunity to communicate with specialists.


  1. On our site, you can absolutely give free of charge or even earn money by giving your advice on your specialty to people who need it. Help others with advice and information. You can also give lessons, conduct courses, advertise your services, and recruit people to work. You can do all this, both by text and by audio and/or video. Your audience can be large. You do not need to give paid advertising somewhere, you do not need to run around social networks and gather people to provide them with your services, lessons, consultations and courses. You can offer your goods and services for sale, specify where and how they can be bought. Indicate your sites, which will be visited by a large number of interested people.

You understand that almost everyone uses consultations, receives and gives them. For example, you are a woman lawyer, with us you can give legal advice to those who need it, and also receive advice from others on women's affairs. Most parents and many need advice for parents, others, on the contrary, can give such advice based on their life experience or specialty.


  1. Also in our community, you can gather and organize people for certain activities. For example, sign a petition, make public support for someone in an election, write comments on a website in support of someone or something, etc.
  2. Our site also hosts lotteries, contests, incentive prizes and gifts in cash.

The task of the team of our site is to make you richer, more successful and happier. The task of the users of the site is also to make you receive more income, if you receive more income, then the income of others will increase as well.

Welcome to our site BigMoney.VIP! Change your life radically for the better! Long live a new life of success, wealth and financial upsurge!


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