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Dear visitors of our site. We give you the opportunity to change your life in a fundamental way using our affiliate program.

I recommend reading the text to the end, the further, the more interesting and useful.

Anyone can join our affiliate program. 


You can earn a lot of money on our site BigMoney.VIP, without any financial investments and time for work. How this is done, I will tell you below.


You say this cannot be to not invest your finances, or to not waste time on work, however you can still earn big money. It is possible on our site. On the other hand, one caveat. You still need to pay the $200 entry fee for VIP membership. Now you say, well, everything is clear, you have arrived. Do not rush to draw conclusions and read this text to the end. I am sure that after reading it to the end, you will gladly join the ranks of our community. You make the first entry fee only once a year and never pay a cent again. This entry fee is shared among other members of our community and a portion goes towards the use of the site. You give them just a gift for the fact that they gave you the opportunity to have a good income. First of all, from this amount there is a payment of 10 dollars to the person who invited you or whose invitation link or banner you came to the site. Then the money is distributed by 10 dollars, who invited the user behind the one who invited you. It turns out that user A invited user B, user B invited user C, user C invited user D, user D invited user E, user E invited user F, user F invited user G, User G has invited User H, User H has invited User I, User I has invited User K, User K has invited you. You give a $10 gift to all ten users. They are paid automatically when you purchase a VIP membership on our website.


And so where do you start? You came to the site at the invitation of a friend or through one of the links or banners. If you came at the invitation of a friend, then he should give you a code by which you can register on the site or your affiliate link (each site user has his own unique affiliate link). If you came from a link or a banner, then this is a link or a banner with the user number that placed it on the Internet. You don't need the code then. The site will automatically put you under the user whose link you came from. You go to the site, when registering, put all your data that you are asked for. Be sure to put the truthful data, they will not be visible to other users. True data may be needed in the future, under different circumstances. If in the future it turns out that you have entered false data, your account may be blocked and you will not be able to use the site. After registration, a confirmation link will be sent to your email by which you go to the site and you get access to your control panel with limited features. Next, you will need to buy a VIP membership by paying for it with your Paypal or Bank card. Then you can take part in our Affiliate program. Use all sections of the site without restrictions. Receive cash rewards of 10 dollars from each of your invitees, from your invited users, and so on up to 10 lines of invitees.


All you need to do is to register on our site, buy a VIP membership (by making a one-time cash gift to other users who invited you and upline) and start inviting new members. The more you invite new participants - the more your profit. Let's imagine that each of your invitees will give you 1 dollar. And then friends of friends will also give you another 1 dollar each. And then their acquaintances, and so on up to the level of ten handshakes.

As a result, each of them will give you only 1 dollar, and you will get rich at the moment!

The system on our site works in a similar way, only you will receive not $1, but $10 from each of your personal invitees, $10 from their invitees up to the level of 10 handshakes that close this chain. First you need to register and activate your account. Activation in the system is only $ 200 - this is a prerequisite, because it is from such contributions that the entire system consists.


This money will be donated to the person who invited you and his upline partners.

Let's calculate your possible earnings, assuming that you personally invite only 7 people, and then all your referrals also only 7 new members. Let's start with the participants that you will personally invite.

7 people register and everyone pays the VIP user fee, of this money, 10 dollars goes to you. Total 70 dollars.

Then these 7 friends invite 7 more people each - a total of 49 people. Those invited also pay a VIP user fee, of which $10 goes to your friends and $10 to you. In total, you will receive $490, and together with the previous $70, your income will be $560.


Suppose that 49 people who were invited by your friends will invite 7 more people each. In total there will be 343 people who will give you $10 each, from all together you will receive $3,430. With previous earnings, you will earn 3,990 dollars.

Then these 343 people will invite 7 more people. A total of 2,401 people brought you $24,010. Total for the whole time 28,000 dollars.

Then at the next level 5 there will be 16,807 people who brought you 168,070 dollars. In total, with previous earnings, you will have $196,070.


The sixth level will have 117,649 participants who will give you a total of 1,176,490 dollars. In total, with the previous gifts, you will have 1,372,560 dollars.

At the seventh level there will be 823,543 people, all of them together will give you 8,235,430 dollars. In total, with the previous gifts, you will have 9,607,990 dollars.

At the eighth level there will already be 5,764,801 people, all of them together will give you 57,648,010 dollars. With the previous gifts, you will have 67,256,000 dollars.

At the ninth level, you will already have 40,353,607 people. Which all together will give you 403,536,070 dollars. Total for all the time you can earn 470,792,070 dollars.

At the last tenth level, you will already have 282,475,249 people. From which you will earn 10 dollars from each, in the end you will receive 2,824,752,490 dollars from them. Total earnings since the beginning of your work, can be 3,295,544,560 dollars.


Of course, this is your approximate income, someone will invite fewer friends, someone more. This is an example calculation. Although there are opportunities already at the first levels and further invite a lot more people.


How does it work?


You can invite your friends and acquaintances directly during meetings by calling them on the phone, sending text messages to their phones, sending them an offer by email, Skype and other chats. You will also have your own link, which you can put on your website, blog, social networks and anywhere on the Internet where it is not prohibited. Having come through this link, the person will already be invited by you and will give you a cash gift. With proper work, you can invite 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 or more people.


On our site you have the opportunity to completely change your life for the better and become a millionaire and even a billionaire. It's all real and it all works. You can also help all your friends and family become much richer and happier. Nobody is deceiving anyone. Previously registered users will be interested in helping you find new visitors and will help and give you advice and recommendations on how and where to attract more users, because from this they will also receive gifts from users who register under your name. Payment (gift) by a new visitor is done only once. Do not confuse this scheme with financial pyramids, where people give away the last money they have earned in their lives and get into loans in order to put more money into the pyramid. This is not on our site. There are no additional or hidden fees. Your only payment goes only to other people like you. Just like you will receive gifts from others. There will also be options when you have interesting material on our website and on.


put your personal link on it. The visitor comes from the search engine to your material, he likes it and he clicks on your personal (affiliate) link and later, when registering and buying a VIP membership on the site, he becomes under you and payment for the affiliate program goes to you and then who under he will be registered up to level 10 in the future. The worst thing that can happen is if you purchase a VIP membership and then do nothing at all, then your earnings will be minimal. Of course, you can still have gifts (earnings), because someone will register on the site without an invitation and come to the site directly (from a search engine) without any (referral link). Then the site system directs this person to a randomly selected VIP user and you can become this user, after this new person will bring others, others, and so on, and from all up to level 10, you will have earnings.


Note! The affiliate program works automatically. Guaranteed to receive automatic transfer of money to your wallet under the affiliate program and replenish your list with your invited users, you can:

  1. If a new user came to the site using your affiliate link (you can copy it in your account).
  2.  If the user has registered and made a payment using the payment systems installed on the site.


The task of our site BigMoney.VIP is to make you rich, happy and successful. If you are ready to help others and make them the way you want to be in the future, then this is the place for you to join our community and reach the heights that many people in our community have already reached. Alone we are nothing, together we are strong!


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