Computer Science
    Informatics is the science of methods and processes of collecting, storing, processing, transmitting, analyzing and evaluating information using computer technologies that make it possible to use it for decision making. Computer science includes disciplines related to information processing in computers and computer networks : both abstract , such as the analysis of algorithms , and concrete, for example, the development...
    By Michael Pokrovski 2024-03-21 23:29:27 0 182
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Problema (ancient Greek: Problema) πρόβλημα - task, task) in a...
By FWhoop Xelqua 2023-04-19 17:27:03 0 345
Сама по себе. Herself. (2020)
Молодая мать сбегает с дочерьми от жестокого мужа. Вопреки государственной жилищной системе она...
By Nikolai Pokryshkin 2022-10-05 17:32:59 0 874
Thirteen. (2003)
A thirteen-year-old girl's relationship with her mother is put to the test as she discovers...
By Leonard Pokrovski 2023-04-28 19:32:50 0 356
Multimedia - data, or content, which is presented simultaneously in different...
By Michael Pokrovski 2024-03-27 19:19:59 0 223
 Archery is an Olympic sport in which athletes compete in archery accuracy. The winner in...
By FWhoop Xelqua 2022-09-23 17:03:37 0 919

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