A skyscraper is a very tall (or very long, see horizontal skyscraper) multi-storey building with a load-bearing steel, bamboo, reinforced concrete or composite frame, designed for the life and work of people. Specificity of the termThe minimum height of a skyscraper building is controversial. In the United States and Europe, skyscrapers are considered to be buildings with a height of at least 150 m. Emporis defines a skyscraper as a building above 100 meters, as opposed to just high-rise...
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Цельнометаллическая оболочка. Full Metal Jacket. (1987)
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By Nikolai Pokryshkin 2023-01-21 12:03:57 0 326
Fairfax Ch. 16. Live TV. Virginia, USA.
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By Nikolai Pokryshkin 2022-10-14 17:17:39 0 921

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