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  • Hospitality in service
    Hospitality is cordiality in the reception and entertainment of visitors (guests), gratuitous reception and entertainment of wanderers, go hospitality. To be hospitable means to be able to offer a warm welcome to visitors, to create a calm, favorable and friendly atmosphere for them. The term "industry" comes from the Latin industria, which means "activity, diligence", in the modern sense -...
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  • The concept of the business environment
    All living things, including humans, live in the environment. Besides Natural environment, people's environment includes family, friends, peers and neighbors. This way Also included are man-made structures such as buildings, furniture, roads, and other physical infrastructure. People do not live in a vacuum. They constantly interact with the environment to live their lives. Like humans,...
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  • Energy in Business
    Business is ruled by energy. I'm not talking about spirituality or self-awareness, I'm talking about ordinary energy, which was studied and digitized by Newton and Einstein.We know that balls don't just fly into the sky. And trains do not move by chance.In this article I want to introduce the concept of "Energy in Business".Energy in businessIn order to perform an action in the physical world,...
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  • MBA in the USA
    There are more than 3,500 universities in the United States, and about 500 of them have MBA programs. For those who are seriously thinking about getting an MBA in the States, a long and interesting path opens.  Step 1: Define a GoalThis will help the answers to the questions:Why do I need an MBA? What do I want to get out of education?What do I want to do after graduation?Am I interested...
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  • E-commerce
    E-commerce is an area of the digital economy that includes all financial and trade transactions carried out using computer networks, and the business processes associated with such transactions. E-commerce includes: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI),Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT),e-commerce,electronic money (e-cash),e-marketing,electronic banking (e-banking),electronic insurance services...
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  • Customer Service
    Customer service is an essential part of any business, big or small. It is often the first point of contact between the customer and the company and can make or break the success of this interaction. Good customer service is all about providing quality customer support in a timely manner. This involves understanding their needs, addressing their concerns quickly and effectively, and helping...
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  • Cooperation in America
    In North America, cooperatives were preceded by failed attempts to implement the utopian plans of Fourier and Owen. Some influence on the emergence of cooperatives was exerted by the ideas of cooperation brought here by immigrants from Europe. In the United States, there were successful communities based on community of property and self-government, based on the charter, originating from...
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  • Consumer goods
    Consumer Goods – Definition and 4 TypesConsumer goods are final goods that households or individuals purchase for personal use and not for any other economic productive activity. Consumer goods companies produce goods for the average consumer.   What are consumer products?Definition: Consumer goods are defined as goods purchased by customers for the use of, rather than, the...
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  • China as a global partner
    The first series of broadcasts is dedicated to China. Alexey Kalinin, Vice-Rector for Research at the SKOLKOVO School of Management, Academic Director of the Executive MBA, Professor of Business Practice, answered a variety of questions about the nature of China's economic development, its place in the global economy and the prospects for the development of foreign economic relations with...
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  • Skyscrapers
    A skyscraper is a very tall (or very long, see horizontal skyscraper) multi-storey building with a load-bearing steel, bamboo, reinforced concrete or composite frame, designed for the life and work of people. Specificity of the termThe minimum height of a skyscraper building is controversial. In the United States and Europe, skyscrapers are considered to be buildings with a height of at least...
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