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  • Weather
    A weather forecast is a scientifically based assumption about the future state of the weather in a certain point or region for a certain period. It is compiled (developed) by meteorological services on the basis of meteorology methods. Forecasts are divided according to the advance date of the period for which the forecast is given[1]: naukasting (current weather forecast) - from 0 to 2 hours;...
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  • Australian Media
    The media in Australia is an important component of the economy. Australian media is widely available and serves a wide range of audiences – 99% of Australian households have a television, all families have at least one radio. Public media Two media companies in Australia are publicly funded: the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Special Broadcast Service (SBS). Both provide...
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    LGBT is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. It appeared in English in the 1990s and is an adaptation of the abbreviation "LGB", which in the mid-to-late 1980s began to replace the term "gay community", about which there was an opinion that it does not represent everyone who belongs to sexual minorities. The term "LGBT" is intended to emphasize the diversity of...
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  • Chemistry: The Science and Art of Matter
    Chemistry plays a central role both due to its place among the natural and cognitive sciences, and due to its economic importance and ubiquitous presence in our everyday life. Since it is everywhere and everywhere, it is often forgotten and, perhaps, will soon cease to be mentioned altogether. It does not aspire to the forefront, but without it many bright achievements would not be possible:...
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    Even the best sellers in the world can not go out - they need a support group that will remove the burden of unnecessary work from them and allow them to fully focus on concluding a deal. The support group includes technical specialists, advertisers and marketers, office workers, logisticians, all those who "clear" the way for salespeople and allow them not to care about some technical issues....
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  • What did Covid-19 do to kids' mental health?
    n recent years, the mental health of young people in the United States has been steadily deteriorating, but during the pandemic it has been dealt the most serious blow. As noted in the report of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2021, more than 40% of high school students at times experienced such severe sadness or hopelessness that they could not do their usual things...
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  • Agriculture and industry in the Middle East
    Agriculture and industry in the Middle EastFrom the characteristics of the climate and relief, it can be concluded that the bulk of the population in this area is concentrated in places suitable for irrigation. Owing to low rainfall in winter and lack of rainfall in summer, much of the Middle East has a short growing season and farming, especially in arid areas, is not the main occupation,...
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  • Central America Yachts
    With such "brands" as the Caribbean Sea and the Panama Canal, Central America, it would seem, should "shut up" both North America and South America. But no. Oddly enough, the Panama Canal, which is extremely popular among sailors, often makes it difficult to see the wonders of the countries of Central America. Focusing on crossing the canal on the way to the South Pacific Ocean, yachtsmen...
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  • Recruitment agencies
    A recruitment agency is an organization that professionally mediates between the applicant and the employer.The essence of the work of a recruitment agency is that the employer pays for assistance in finding and selecting personnel who meet his requirements, and the applicant, in turn, is helped to find a suitable job for free in accordance with his wishes. The amount of remuneration paid by...
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  • The collapse of Silicon Valley bank
    The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank: how and why the main bank of techno-startups of Silicon Valley burstOn Friday, there was a loud "clap" in the financial markets: the 16th largest US bank suddenly burst – and the bankruptcy itself became the second largest in history among American commercial banks. In this article, we take a look at what happened and how it might affect us all. How...
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