China as a global partner
    The first series of broadcasts is dedicated to China. Alexey Kalinin, Vice-Rector for Research at the SKOLKOVO School of Management, Academic Director of the Executive MBA, Professor of Business Practice, answered a variety of questions about the nature of China's economic development, its place in the global economy and the prospects for the development of foreign economic relations with Russia. China's Unique Development PathThe phenomenon of China is, first of all, the historical...
    By FWhoop Xelqua 2023-07-22 18:10:41 0 584
    In which country it is easier to do business: TOP-9 directions for entrepreneurs
    Relocation of their own business, its opening or expansion is of interest to more and more entrepreneurs around the world. New opportunities can be found literally in any country, but some states offer the most pleasant conditions for those who run their own business. When compiling our rating, we used the data of eminent research companies, as well as the legislative framework of the listed countries. All of them provide different data, as they explore different parameters. Therefore, we...
    By FWhoop Xelqua 2023-04-07 18:48:04 0 475
    Global Innovation Index 2022
    According toWIPO's 2022 Global Innovation Index (GII) report, the world's most innovative economies are Switzerland, the United States of America (USA), Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, while China has come close to the top ten. Other emerging market economies, including India and Turkey, continue to perform strongly, both of which were among the top 40 economies for the first time. The report notes that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, investment in research and development...
    By FWhoop Xelqua 2022-11-23 14:23:39 0 1174
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