Children and money (investments)

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Children and money (investments)
If investing means exercising your right to dispose and manage money, then some questions are logical.

1. When, that is, at what age does this right arise?
2. Does it depend on age or only on the availability of money?
3. Can this money be obtained from parents or does it have to be earned?
4. Do children need to be prepared for this moment, and if so, how?

A lot has been said about children's pocket money, but there has been no order in this matter. First of all, because all children are different and grow up at different speeds, it is simply impossible to give age recommendations. Secondly, because families differ greatly in income.

Both financiers and psychologists talk about financial education for children, but so far I see in all their words only a desire to make money.

Somehow there were no interviews with the children themselves. Do adults really think that they have nothing to say? The only thing I can note are two books by Bodo Schaefer about a girl Kira and a dog named Money. But it presents realities that are far from our way of life, and the incomprehensible form makes it difficult to perceive the content.

In a word, the topic has not been resolved. Therefore, I propose to start discussing it.

To start the discussion, I’ll throw in one thought.

Children already imitate their parents. Therefore, if they are taught, then only by their own example. We learn and change ourselves, and after us, they will learn and change. Parents should openly discuss purchases, the family budget, prices, investments, salaries and everything else related to money (including the child’s budget) in front of their very young children. When the children are ready, they will join in on their own, and there is no need to force them with compulsory activities (which deprive them of childhood).
There should always be a children's budget allocated separately in the family budget. The child, when he wants, will be able to take part in its discussion and implementation.

And it's all. No more smart books or advice.
Do you agree with this formulation of the question?

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Great topic. I love.


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