Where to get the best IT education abroad? Of course, in the USA. Find out about three IT universities in America that offer cutting-edge Computer Science programs.

The United States is a world leader in the quality and quantity of IT programs, and the average salary of IT specialists in the US is $90,411 per year .


Do you dream of studying IT and programming in America? Get to know the best IT universities in the USA for every taste and budget.


Northern Kentucky University


Where: Kentucky


Tuition: $21,096 per year


You can study IT at the Northern Kentucky University at the undergraduate, graduate, and certificate levels. A distinctive feature of the university is that you can study here during the day or in the evenings; a flexible schedule allows you to combine study with work. Moreover, the university campus is among the safest in all of America.

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Pace University


Where: New York


Tuition: $49,550 per year


Are you dreaming of studying IT in New York? Pace University will give you this opportunity! This is one of the best private universities in the United States, which guarantees its students career success - the employment rate of Pace graduates is 20% higher than the American average. All programs here include mandatory practical training and internships. You can study IT at the university in bachelor's and master's degrees.

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Valencia College


Where: Florida


Tuition: $9,576 per year


Valencia College is an excellent choice for those who want to get an inexpensive post-secondary education in the United States and start working in IT as soon as possible. The college offers affordable 2-year associate degree programs with a concentration in IT. After graduation, you will be able to stay to live and work in the United States or continue your studies at a university for higher education.

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Northeastern University


Where: Massachusetts


Tuition: $56,500 per year


Northeastern University's unique educational model requires students to work full-time for at least 3 semesters. Due to this, graduates leave the university already having work experience. The university places its students in 3,350+ partner companies around the world. Young IT specialists can work remotely in leading IT companies in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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Keizer University


Where: Florida


Tuition: $23,430 per year


The picturesque campus of Keyser University, more like a modern hotel, is located right on the ocean in sunny West Palm Beach. This is an excellent university with high-tech education, advanced equipment and the best opportunities for sports and recreation. You can study IT at the university at all academic levels - from associate to bachelor's and master's degrees.

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Middle Tennessee State University


Where: Tennessee     


Tuition: $29,946 per year


Middle Tennessee State University is a modernized university that is largely focused on international students. The university educates students from 50+ countries around the world and offers a huge selection of scholarships and special support programs for foreigners. The university offers more than 10 different programs in IT and computer science, including interdisciplinary study programs.

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Louisiana State University Online


Where : online


Tuition fee: $300-1,400 for 1 course


Louisiana State University's Distance Education Department offers a unique opportunity to study IT in the US online. Students learn remotely from the same teachers and receive the same degrees as on-campus students. Online learning is especially convenient for IT specialists who can combine classes with a part-time job. The university offers online bachelor's and master's degree programs with specializations in IT, computer science and IT in business.


Robert Morris University


Where: Pennsylvania


Tuition: $33,360 per year


Robert Morris University is committed to a personalized approach to learning that is leading to record-breaking levels of professional development. More than 95% of university graduates get a job in their specialty immediately after receiving their diploma.


Each university student receives individual attention from teachers and undergoes an internship in a large company. RMU is among the top 10% of universities in terms of the quality of not only classical but also distance learning programs. In the IT specialty, the university issues the highest certificates, bachelor's and master's degrees.


University of Alabama


Where : Alabama      


Tuition: $32,400 per year


The University of Alabama is a classic American university with a large campus where students can not only study, but also live. University graduates work at Ernst & Young, the Walt Disney Company, Microsoft and Intel, and their starting salaries range from $56,000 per year. The university offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral IT programs with internships and scholarships of up to $28,000 per year.

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University of Delaware


Where: Delaware      


Tuition: $34,840 per year


The University of Delaware is one of the oldest universities in the United States and is one of the top public educational institutions in the country. The university offers the study of computer science, programming and IT at all academic levels, and all international students upon admission to the university automatically participate in the competition for scholarships that cover up to 50% of the cost of tuition.


A cool bonus for students is the location of the university halfway between New York and Washington, and just 45 minutes from Philadelphia.

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University of Tampa


Where: Florida      


Tuition: $31,162 per year


The University of Tampa is ranked among the best universities in the United States according to Forbes and is considered one of the leading research institutions. This is a small but very international university, teaching students from 140+ countries. Here you will definitely get a great start for a career in IT at the international level.


The university is focused on the professional training of students and helps them find part-time jobs and internships from the 1st year. In addition, in Tampa you can combine IT studies with other popular majors, such as business and management.


University of Arizona


Where: Arizona


Tuition: $41,474 per year


If you have always dreamed of studying at a large, international and truly American university, feel free to choose the University of Arizona. On UArizona's large, modern campus, students from all over the world study, live and spend their free time together. It has everything from classrooms and research centers to dormitories, shops and sports fields.


At the university, future IT specialists study at higher courses, bachelor's and master's degrees, undergo internships and get jobs at Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Cisco, Ernst & Young, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amazon and Google. Excellent prospects also open up for those who want to build a scientific career in the field of computer science and technology.

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Illinois Institute of Technology


Where: Illinois


Tuition: $49,643 per year


The Illinois Institute of Technology is a real mecca for those who want to obtain higher technical education in America. The best conditions for studying IT, programming, computer science and technology have been created here. Students learn hands-on in modern computer centers and undergo internships at leading IT companies in Chicago.


Thanks to high-quality, highly specialized education, university graduates receive salaries significantly higher than the national average.

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St. John's University


Where : New York


Tuition: $48,500 per year


Saint John's University provides students with a quality international education. It is a city university in New York with campuses in Queens and Manhattan and overseas campuses in Rome, Paris and Limerick.


A distinctive feature of the university is that it pays great attention to current global problems and the moral and ethical preparation of students for work in modern society. This is a green, eco-friendly university that is perfect for students with active citizenship and those who dream of making the world a better place. IT education here can be combined with the study of foreign languages, politics and management.


In addition, university students can travel to study at its foreign campuses in Europe.

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College of Southern Nevada


Where: Nevada


Tuition: $12,200 per year


The College of Southern Nevada occupies 3 campuses near Las Vegas and focuses on relevant and affordable practical education. The college enrolls 35,000+ students and offers a wide variety of associate degree programs in IT, computer science, technology and programming.


An associate's degree allows a graduate to switch to a work visa in the United States or continue studying at a bachelor's degree. By the way, if you decide to enroll in a bachelor's degree, you will receive credit for the 2 years you spent in college. This will save not only time, but also money!