Countries That Pay to Relocate in 2024

Which countries pay money for moving? For a long time, I have wanted to consider programs that solve the problem of depopulation of the region by providing subsidies and grants to migrants. But there are more reasons, and therefore there is not one or two such programs!

It is important to note that in most cases, such programs imply that you already have a basis for a long-term stay in the region. That is, this is not a story about how you can easily and profitably get a residence permit.

Who, then, are such programs for?

Such programs will be of interest to people who:

  • Possess a residence permit or citizenship of the target country
  • Have remote income or savings
  • They longing to live in the middle of nowhere: mountains, countryside, abandoned cities, etc
  • Intend to buy real estate and invest time in its renovation
  • Drive and have transport

Why Do Countries Pay to Relocate?

Each country has its own reason for attracting new residents, but among the most common are:

  • Low population – in some countries, young people who want to start a family are especially in demand
  • A Deteriorating Economy – Lack of Jobs Means Lack of Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • Brain drain – As a result of the loss of highly skilled workers, some regions were left without doctors, engineers and other specialists
  • Decrepit real estate – some cities are in their worst shape, and this encourages people to move there to renovate old homes

🇮🇹 Italy

Presicce Italy

Grant: €30,000

The grant covers 50% of the cost of the house, €5000 is held as a deposit and is paid after 3 years if the renovation is completed, and the rest of the amount goes to repairs.

Conditions: Have a residence permit in Italy, buy housing in the municipality of Presicce, which was built before 1991 and is included in the list of abandoned buildings.

Residenza a Candela

Grant: monthly allowance from €800 to €2000

Candela (Puglia) offers to pay €800 per month for singles, €1,200 for couples, €1,800 for families with one child, and €2,000 for families with two or three children. Displaced persons are also offered tax benefits and social assistance.

Conditions: Become a resident of Candela and have an income of at least €7,500 per year.

Residenza a Locana

Grant: €9,000

A settlement near Turin promises to pay families €3,000 a year for three years after moving to a mountain village.

Prerequisites: Applicants for the grant can be both Italians and foreigners who have lived in Italy for more than five years. It is also necessary to prove an annual income of €6,000 or more. If you have children, it is imperative to send at least one child to the local city school.

Santo Stefano di Sessanio

Grant: up to €52,000

The project provides monthly payments for 3 years in the amount of no more than €8,000 per year, renting a house at a symbolic price, as well as a subsidy of no more than €20,000 for starting a business.

Prerequisites: Be an Italian or EU citizen or have a European permanent residence. Not be older than 40 years old, be ready to live in the region for 5 years and open a business.


Grant: €28,000

Monthly income can range from €700 to €800 for 3 years. In addition, one-time funding is possible to support the start of a new type of commercial activity.

Prerequisites: Be an Italian or EU citizen or have a European permanent residence. Not be older than 40 years old, be ready to live in the region for 5 years and open a business.

🇪🇸 Spain

Volver Al Pueblo

Grant: up to €3000

Payments range from modest allowances of €100 per month to €3,000 in grants accompanied by fringe benefits. This includes the possibility of a free stay for 3 months, as well as discounts on rental housing. In addition, the programs provide land plots at preferential prices and payments in the event of the birth of a child.

Conditions: The Volver Al Pueblo ("Back to the Village") program is suitable for anyone who has citizenship or a residence permit in the EU. For third-country nationals, it is also possible to obtain a work visa and move to Spain. Some municipalities even provide additional assistance with paperwork.

For example, in Olmeda de la Cuesta, you can get a plot of land from the municipality and build housing on it in a year. And the municipality of Ponga in Asturias is ready to pay €3,000 for a newborn child and the same amount to the family, provided that the parents are willing to live in the village for at least 5 years. If you move to the city of Rubia, in the mountains of Galicia, the local municipality will add €100-150 per month to your income.


Tulsa Remote

Grant: $10,000

Additional advantages include free access to a coworking space for 36 months and help with finding housing.

Conditions: Designed for remote workers who are willing to reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma and are employed out-of-state. You must be a U.S. citizen or resident.

Choose Topeka

Grant: up to $15,000

Prerequisites: Have a job with a company that participates in the program. After 12 months, you can get $10,000 if you rented a house, or $15,000 if you bought a home.

Grant: In 2022, Alaska residents received $3284.

This fund was created as a way to distribute the state's oil revenues to Alaska natives. Therefore, payments vary from year to year.

Conditions: Anyone who has lived in Alaska for a full year is entitled to receive dividends.

🇮🇪 Ireland

Our Living Islands

Grant: up to €84,000

Conditions: There are 30 islands in Ireland that are available for relocation starting from July 1, 2023. The main condition for receiving the grant is the purchase and restoration of an abandoned house on one of these islands.

🇨🇭 Switzerland

Albinen Switzerland

Grant: $28,000 for a single person, $56,000 for a couple, and $11,000 for each child.

Conditions: Be an EU or Swiss citizen or have a local permanent residence permit of category C. Be under 45 years old, build or buy a house for $223,000 and live in the village for 10 years. If you need to move out of the village earlier than in 10 years, then the grant will have to be returned.

🏴 England

International relocation payments

Grant: £10,000

The fee is intended to cover the cost of applying for a visa, immigration medical fee, and other relocation expenses.

Prerequisites: Obtain a work contract to work as a language or physics teacher or be enrolled in a teaching course. Also, the applicant must not have lived in the UK for more than 3 months before starting work or courses.

🇨🇱 Chile

Start-Up Chile

Grant: $20,000

Conditions: If an innovative startup is at the development stage or no more than two years have passed since its launch, you can apply to Chilean accelerators and receive a grant. It is also necessary to reside in Chile and participate in seminars and conferences.

At the same time, the seductive information on the Internet does not always coincide with reality. Journalists can greatly exaggerate the data, as happened with New Zealand, for example. There was news that the government of the town of Kaitangat would allegedly pay $160,000 for the move. But the mayor of the city was shocked by thousands of calls...