More than 50% of purchases are now made online. This is beneficial for everyone: shop owners may not pay for rent and not keep a staff of consultants, and buyers may purchase things inexpensively, because the cost of things consists of salaries and rent. And online shopping allows you to save a lot of time.

This is especially true for parents: not all children like shopping, and a trip to the shops can turn into a real torment for the family.

We offer 10 tips for a successful, safe and easy purchase in the online store of children's clothing!

1. Know your measurements and know the size chart of the store

Recently, American blogger Dina Shoemaker demonstrated how different brands differ in size grids. She posted photos of herself on Facebook in different shorts. All the shorts sat perfectly, but their size varied from 46 to 52.

Therefore, it is so important to know, firstly, your size, secondly, your measurements (you can remove them with the help of an ordinary soft meter), thirdly, the size grid of the store. Before making an order, it is better to compare the dimensions of your body with a grid in centimeters, and not rely on size.

2. Read reviews and look for photos

All advertising photos on the sites are retouched: the color is corrected, some small flaws can be glossed over. Therefore, the best way to find out what clothes really look like is to look for reviews with photos.

Such photo reviews do not guarantee 100% reliability in terms of shades, because they are filmed in different lighting, but they show how the cut looks on an ordinary person. It is very cool if the client additionally indicates his size and the size of the thing.

3. Learn more about the materials

Especially if you buy children's clothing!

From the photo you can rarely understand something specific, but a detailed description of the materials will help. Proven brands do not hide the materials and tell from what fabrics, accessories and insulation things are sewn. By the way, synthetic does not equal poor-quality: modern synthetics in many respects surpass natural materials (for example, completely synthetic membrane fabric has no equal in terms of thermal insulation and steam removal, no wonder it is used by skiers and athletes). But synthetics are also different.

4. Unpack the product on video

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of stories about how the post office replaced the thing, so we recommend documenting the unboxing process on video, preferably right at the post office, before you sign the notice. In addition, so you can prove that the thing came already defective.

Another small tip: both the online store and postal services are required to indicate the weight of the parcel, which should remain unchanged. A significant change in weight on the way to you is already a reason to worry and demand unpacking at the post office.

5. Register on the site

A lot of online stores give discounts for a birthday (it must be specified in the profile), and also send promo codes for registration. Full-fledged users of sites tend to have some interesting advantages over those who make a "quick purchase", from the ability to accumulate bonuses to membership in the club.

6. Buy from your favorite online stores

Brands rarely change patterns. If you have bought in any online store at least a couple of times, then you can already navigate in the size chart, and also know the quality, colors, service. Abroad, where online shopping systematically displaces offline, people do just that: they choose several stores (children's and adult clothes, household chemicals, some electronics) and remain loyal to them, because they know about their honesty for sure.

It's very convenient. Plus , many stores hold on to their regular customers and are ready to provide them with discounts.

7. Stop at a simple cut

This is the main rule of buying clothes in an online store: it is better to buy something complex and pretentious offline, because it is easy to lose, and it is much more difficult to sew such things in the nearest atelier. Outer children's clothing in this regard is ideal - despite the abundance of colors and decorative elements, it has a fairly simple cut. Making a mistake and taking something that won't sit on a child is quite difficult.

8. Subscribe to newsletters

Do not underestimate the newsletters - they have promo codes, as well as information about sales, promotions and discounts. In general, mailings are the easiest way to find out that the price of the thing you like has fallen, and quickly buy it.

9. And on social networks

Sometimes information is published on social networks that is not on the official website. And in general: few people constantly update the site of even the most favorite online store, while the Vkontakte group can simply be added to the feed.

10. Protect yourself from scammers

Our last tip concerns protection against intruders. Online shopping is growing in popularity, which means that the number of scammers is growing. Here are some tips:

  • double-check whether the address of the online store is correct; some scammers can send an imitation of mailings from your favorite store along with links to the alleged promo code, which, when switching, is able to take away your mail, and with it all the linked accounts;
  • do not buy on suspicious sites and one-day sites: with a bad design, bad texts, no reviews;
  • be critical of online stores that offer products that are too cheap, especially branded ones; no one will work at a loss;
  • do not transfer information about your bank cards to unauthorized persons.

Hopefully, this little cheat sheet will make buying things online easier for you. Good luck shopping!

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