Puzzles, creativity kits, pajamas and 150 more birthday gift ideas for a child of any age

Even if you were told what to give your child for a birthday, or he himself asked for something specific, this does not mean that you are spared from the agony of choice. Designer? Wooden or iron, how many parts? Doll? Plastic or soft, what accessories should be? Abstract "for creativity" or "developmental"? In general, you can break your head.

Universal birthday gifts for your child

Money or certificates

Even at 2-3 years old, the kid will be able to choose a toy in the store. But he does not yet understand the value of money (and especially investment coins, bank deposits, etc.), so a small surprise is still needed. For example, bills can be hidden in a stylish handbag or car body, given in the hands of a doll or put in a box of sweets, although it is best to simply give to parents;

Constructors / Building blocks

Modern manufacturers offer designers from 6 months - from silicone, porous rubber, soft-printed elements, light plastic. And there are also unusual sets marked 12+ (on radio control or to create programmable robots) and even 16+ for several thousand parts (for example, an exact copy of the Hogwarts school from Harry Potter);


One-year-old babies are able to put together a wooden or cardboard picture of two halves. With age, the number of details and the variety of plots and forms increase. For example, vases and lamps made of plastic fragments or crystal puzzles (three-dimensional figures made of transparent details) will perfectly decorate the interior of the nursery. Or on the wall you can hang a copy of the world-famous painting collected from hundreds of pieces.


Very small children gnaw on the granite of science in the literal sense of the word. As the first books, those that are made of PVC are suitable. Next, the child can be introduced to thick cardboard, panoramas, books with windows, with music. Older children will be happy to study encyclopedias with additional materials in the form of maps, pockets with objects on the topic of publication (for example, stones in a book on geology). And the time of 4D books with augmented reality is just around the corner!

Creativity Kits

By the year, children awaken an interest in drawing. The kid can be introduced to finger paints, pencils. The older the child, the more opportunities to show their talents: they have kinetic sand and plasticine, paintings by numbers and diamond mosaics, sets for embroidery and creating toys.

Sports complexes, if the size of the apartment allows

The street playground in miniature is loved by both girls and boys, especially when the weather does not allow a long walk. If the birthday person goes to the section or is just active, this item can be expanded to the concept of "sporting goods" (balls, gymnastic equipment, uniforms, costumes for performances, a shelf for storing awards).

Soft toys

It's one of the most popular children's gifts, but we've sent it to the bottom of the list. It's still more of a gift for girls. Although, for example, a talking hamster will cheer up boys.

There are two more universal, practical, but controversial points. As in the situation with clothes, children may not perceive them as a gift, but then they will appreciate and will be happy to use:


Of course, we are not talking about a service for 12 people, who used to be so fond of giving to relatives. But in the company of your favorite characters and soup will become tastier! For younger children, it is better to buy bamboo and plastic plates and mugs so as not to be afraid to break them, and for older children - glass or porcelain. Images can be found for every taste - with the heroes of your favorite Soviet and Disney cartoons, comics and anime. Not what the birthday boy loves? Apply the desired picture to order on the dishes!

Bed linen or pajamas

In this case, it will also be possible to choose a set for fans of a variety of cartoons and comics. If the child does not have special preferences, surprise him with 3D underwear with a "suit" on the duvet cover. Sheltered, girls will feel like real ballerinas or princesses, and boys - astronauts and superheroes. Teenagers with a sense of humor will appreciate the sets with a shark or dinosaurs - from the outside it will look as if their head sticks out of the mouth of a predator.

Listen to the stories of the child in everyday life, ask leading questions yourself. He can tell about the gift directly "If only I would buy ..." or indirectly "The boy on the set had such an interesting thing...". Ask the birthday boy's friends what dreams he shared with them. When else to fulfill innermost desires, if not on the birthday?

Gifts for newborns

It's good for kids - up to a year they have a birthday every month! At this age, gifts are conditionally divided into three types: monetary, practical and memorable.

With the first, everything is clear. As for the second, it is best to consult with the parents of the baby. Surely they have already distributed tasks to relatives, and you risk duplicated.

What we recommend giving

Were you not limited in your choice? Pay attention to plaids for walking, towels with a hood, various carriers (slings, ergo-backpacks, kangaroos or hipsites), radio and video baby monitors, baby scales, night lights or projectors for sleeping, ordinary, massage balls or fitballs for classes with the baby, as well as puzzle mats and orthopedic mats - the latter listed items will not lose their relevance for a long time. About walkers and jumpers, check with the parents of the baby - not everyone is a supporter of such devices.

With toys, it's more difficult - what is not there!.. In the store, it will be easier to navigate if you understand what types of toys up to a year generally exist:

  • for a crib and / or stroller (musical and ordinary mobiles, arcs, pendants, stretchers);
  • for the bathroom (plastic and rubber toys, wind-up figures, bathing books with squeakers or changing color in water);
  • rattles and teethers (often they are combined);
  • game centers-walkers and gurneys (they will be interesting at an older age);
  • educational (game mats, books (soft or made of thick cardboard), pyramids, fellers, sorters, biziboards, clockwork and "running" toys);
  • musical (children's phones and microphones, steering wheels, books, play centers, interactive toys).

When choosing a musical toy, remember: in the life of young parents and so there will be little silence in the near future. Sharp, loud, fast sounds will irritate adults and frighten the crumbs. Optimally, the volume can be adjusted or turned off. Be sure to check the toy before buying so that the speaker does not wheeze, and the melodies do not "stutter".

If a useful dowry for the baby is ready, give something memorable: a metric, a photo album, a set for creating casts of pens and legs, a box for storing milk teeth, a time capsule with notes from the closest ones. Give an "award" to new parents, such as the Mom and Dad Best Work Oscar or the Twin Medal.

You can also give a family look - clothes in the same style and organize a photo shoot.