Rules of first aid
    First aid is the beginning of the treatment of injuries, because it prevents complications such as shock, bleeding, the development of infection, additional displacements of bone fragments and injury to large nerve trunks and blood vessels. It should be remembered that the further state of health of the victim and even his life largely depends on the timeliness and quality of first aid. With some minor injuries, medical care for the victim may be limited only to the amount of first aid....
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    Rules of conduct in case of emergencies in everyday life
    1. RULES OF CONDUCT IN CASE OF FIRES IN EVERYDAY LIFE Fire is always a disaster. However, not everyone knows the basic rules of conduct in the event of a fire. And even the familiar from childhood - "call 911" - is forgotten in a panic. Here are some of the simplest tips to help you in a difficult situation. The main rule is never to panic!1.1. FIRE IN THEAPARTMENT Most fires occur in residential buildings. Their reasons are almost always the same - dilapidated communications, faulty...
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