Man of the future. New technologies will change our body and mind by 2030
    According to transhumanists, neural interfaces, electronics that improve our capabilities, and other technologies will seriously transform society in the next decade Today, companies are developing strategies for future investments and technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things or new business models. Of course, their development will contribute to serious infusions from investors within 5-10 years, but interesting changes await technologies associated...
    By Michael Pokrovski 2024-03-26 21:13:39 0 197
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Однажды на Диком Западе. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)
Молодая вдова отказывается продать ферму дельцу, задумавшему проложить по этой земле железную...
By Nikolai Pokryshkin 2022-12-07 19:10:08 0 413
FOX 7, Live TV Austin USA
Texas news, weather, traffic and sports from FOX 7, serving Austin, Round Rock, and San Marcos....
By Nikolai Pokryshkin 2022-09-11 08:50:29 0 1332
Суперзвезда. France. (2021)
Смелая и циничная тележурналистка Франс де Мер лезет во все горячие точки планеты, хамит...
By Nikolai Pokryshkin 2022-09-09 20:28:52 0 1173
Autism Diagnosis: Gradual autism development
Most parents report that the onset of autism features appear within the first or second year of...
By Kelsey Rodriguez 2023-03-21 15:58:15 0 124
The Incredibles. (2004)
While trying to lead a quiet suburban life, a family of undercover superheroes are forced into...
By Leonard Pokrovski 2023-06-22 20:52:18 0 705

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