Software: concept and main types
     What's it all about? Software is a set of programs for information processing. One of the most famous software is the Windows operating system, which runs 88% of computers in the world.  Which one exists? There are several classifications of software. For example, by the method of distribution (free, commercial, etc.) or by purpose (system, application, etc.). Let's analyze what software is and how it is arranged. Key Software ConceptsThe purpose of the software is to...
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    Software (also known as software) is a program or set of programs used to control a computer (ISO/IEC 26514:2008). There are other definitions from international standards: a set of programs of the information processing system and program documents necessary for the operation of these programs;all or part of the programs, procedures, rules and related documentation of the information processing system (ISO/IEC 2382-1:1993);computer programs, procedures, and possibly related documentation...
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